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It took 1.78 seconds to load the main page of z1x9.tech. Global rank of this website is 0 according to Alexa. We found United States as the hosting server country of the z1x9.tech. We found Los Angeles as the Hosting Server City.

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Analysis Z1x9.tech Data connection speed

1.78115 seconds is exact time

It took 1.78 seconds to fetch HTML of Homepage for z1x9.tech, which is a best response from server. You can find more detail and information by exploring below given links.

Whois Information

create_date: 2017-11-11
Exp_date: 2018-11-11
domain_registrar_name: West263 International Limited
Ownr_name: wang hai rong
Ownr_country: China
Ownr_Mail: wwwymco@126.com
Ownr_P: +86.13243841569
Ownr_F: +86.13243841569
ItAdmin_name: hairong wang
ItAdmin_country: China
ItAdmin_Mail: wwwymco@126.com
ItAdmin_P: +86.13243841569
ItAdmin_F: +86.13243841569
T_name: hairong wang
T_company: hairong wang
T_address: Feng Xiang Xian Fan Jia Zhai Xiang Zhang Jia Gou Cun Si Zu 047Ha
T_P: +86.13243841569
T_F: +86.13243841569
billing_name: hairong wang
billing_company: hairong wang
billing_address: Feng Xiang Xian Fan Jia Zhai Xiang Zhang Jia Gou Cun Si Zu 047Ha
billing_Mail: wwwymco@126.com
billing_P: +86.13243841569
billing_F: +86.13243841569
name_server_1: f1g1ns1.dnspod.net
name_server_2: f1g1ns2.dnspod.net

See the location of Web Hosting server for Z1x9.tech

Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
Pistal code: 90017

Latitude: 34.0584
Longitude: -118.278

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